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JUICED MUSIC is the home of performance enhancing House Music!

JUICED MUSIC is an independent digital house music label established in April 2009 by those wacky demented HIGH MAINTENANCE guys, J. CAPRICE & 4PEACE!  4Peace has taken over full ownership as of January 2016.
JUICED MUSIC is focused on releasing quality marketable Underground House Music aimed specifically at the dance-floor.  It's all about that Big Room feel-good Chi-Town Jackin, Funky, Soulful Groove that makes your body move!   Make it JACK Jack!

So if you're a producer who thinks they can cut the mustard & hang with the big boys of Juiced Music, then feel free to send us your submission to juicedmusic@gmail.com.  Please only shop tracks EXCLUSIVELY to us!  If you are carpet bombing to multiple labels we aren't  interested.  We want music that's "FROM" you not "BY" you.  We want you to "WANT" to be on Juiced Music, because you SHOULD!  ;)  Most importantly, no chorizo music!

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VIDEO: Angelo Ferreri - I'm Gone


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